Google Cloud Anthos – Introduction, benefits, Pricing

The Google Cloud Anthos is a product of the Google Cloud platform for managing infrastructures and applications across on-premises, edge, Kubernetes Engine Cluster, Amazon Web Services, and in multiple public clouds along with Google Cloud Platform backed control plane for consistence operation at scale.

It can be used to build apps, Deployment and optimize apps on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine and Virtual Machines anywhere in a simple, secure and flexible way.
It provides consistent development and operations experience for single, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
It also runs on your existing virtual infrastructure and bare-metal servers without any need of a hypervisor layer. It simplifies your own application stack and reduces the cost associated with licensing a hypervisor and decrease time spent learning new skills.

The Benefits of using Google Cloud Anthos is a wide list long but here is some of the best thing you are going to experience using Google Cloud Anthos.

1. Easy management of Applications from anywhere, around the globe – The Google Cloud’s Anthos is a fully easy to manage platform for all your software, application deployment, both native cloud and as well as traditional cloud. It gives access to users to build and manage global fleets of application and to also establish operational consistency and dataflow across them.
2. Faster Software delivery – The Google Cloud Product – Anthos is one the best products because it gives user an experience of accelerated developer productivity along with much faster software delivery by providing the benefits of other Google Cloud Services and easy access to products like Containers, Buckets, Emulator, Virtual Machines and it is also server less across all your deployments on native google Cloud Platforms tools, applications and services along with guidance to any error or problem during Deployment etc.
3. Ultimate protection to applications and software supply chains – The Google Cloud Anthos has an amazing capability and capacity to secure and protect your applications and software supply chains. It integrates security and protection on each and every stage of application development, Deployment and life cycle, from even first and early stage of development to building and running. It has an automated system to automate security, protection and policy management for all of your applications and deployments.
4. Enterprise-grade container orchestration and management of services – The Google Cloud Anthos amazingly enables one to manage Google Kubernetes Engine Clusters and tasks or Workloads which is running on Virtual Machines VMs across single, hybrid or multi-channel environments. The Users gets a consistent and periodic fully automated manage Google Cloud Kubernetes experience with very simple installation user Interface (UI) and as well as Upgrades gets validated by Google itself by a virtual key embedded in the software. The Google loud Anthos has an amazing capability to run on users existing virtualized infrastructures, and bare metal servers with any hypervisor layer. Anthos in terms, very useful to users and Simplifies users stack, reduces the costs and Workloads associated with licensing a hypervisor and decreases overall workloads, increases time savings and productivity which can be used to spend on any other work or learning some new skills to further develop their skills and knowledge.

Pricing of Google Cloud Anthos –

Please note that the pricing varies from service and uses time by time and you may not charge what is mentioned here. For detail pricing you may visit Google Cloud Platform website itself. The pricing here is minimum or average, and there is no fixed price as Google has adopted “Pay-As-You-Go” model which means you just need to pay for what specific service you use for how much time and how much CPU and data is consumed. Given pricing is minimum.

On Public Cloud – Anthos (attached clusters – multi-cloud) Approx. $0.01096 /vCPU
(Pay-as-you-go) $6 / vCPU
(On monthly subscription)
On Public Cloud – Anthos on-premises Approx. Pay-as-you-go (hourly) Subscription (monthly)M
On Public Cloud – Anthos (on-premises – VMware) Approx. $0.03288 / vCPU
(Pay-as-you-go) $18 / vCPU
(On monthly subscription)

For detailed pricing estimation or list, please visit Google Cloud Platform (GCP) website, go-to products, Click on “all products 100+” and choose “Anthos” from the list of products and then click on pricing and Under-pricing, Click on “view pricing details” and after it you’ll land on a page with detailed pricing model.

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